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BrightonSEO started out as a few people in the upstairs room in a pub and is now the world's largest specialist search marketing conference. The podcast captures the talks from the event and other related content.

Oct 21, 2019

Looking at Keywords does help SEOs & Content Marketers to figure out how to target a user to a landing page and defines how to create content for it. But using Keyword Data to define an entire market incl. insights  Market Trends, Market Demand Structure & Share of Voice is very rare. This will also lead decision makers beyond SEO & Content Marketing to greater business decisions and applications.

In this talk I am going to show you how a „Market Insights Report“ can define your entire market & industry like you never have seen before. I am going to show you, how to get meaningful Insights out of it which lets you create impactful strategies who really impact your business.