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BrightonSEO started out as a few people in the upstairs room in a pub and is now the world's largest specialist search marketing conference. The podcast captures the talks from the event and other related content.

Jul 24, 2017

This talk was originally delivered by Anita Valentinova during a brightonSEO Conference.

Ani has been learning Python and although she is still a newbie, she is excited about how some simple scripts can automate the essential SEO QA checks and mitigate SEO risks in big companies.

She will share her experience with the Python environment setup, ideas for SEO automated checks with Python scripts and will inspire you how practical scripts can save you time, energy and power up your daily SEO work.

Currently Ani is a Technical SEO specialist at Vistaprint, a global, e-commerce brand, a leader in mass customization for small business owners. 
She has been working in the interesting world of SEO for 4 years. Ani has experience as an in-house SEO and a freelance consultant for ecommerce, software development and SaaS. 

All that started as a journey through content has become an adventure and passion for Technology in the world of search engines and beyond.