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BrightonSEO started out as a few people in the upstairs room in a pub and is now the world's largest specialist search marketing conference. The podcast captures the talks from the event and other related content.

Jul 17, 2017

This talk was originally delivered by Malcolm Slade during a brightonSEO Conference.

Inspired by a 2016 talk by Jono Alderson, Malcolm has revisited some of his old research from 2012 to see if he was right about the importance of brand signals, the state of play in 2017 and what might drive success in the near future. He will not be dressed as a Wookie this time!

Malcolm has been working in search since 2005, when he joined Epiphany as the first employee. His expertise is problem solving which lends itself very well to his role as Head of Technical SEO. Malcolm likes to think of himself as an “approachable nerd”, able to talk equally well to normal people and technical nerds like him.